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The Norwegian real estate market needs a large growth in the number of new buildings in the next 20 years to accommodate demand in the market. We are therefore seeking investors who regard the Norwegian real estate as an attractive investment object.

We are a small company that specializes in developing smaller land areas. Our experience is that smaller land areas are quick to develop and to trade.

Below you will find some information about investing in the Norwegian real estate market. If you find this interesting please do not hesitate to contact us. We have several interesting projects that we would like to introduce to you.


All acquisition of real estate ownership rights as well as right of usage are conditioned upon the applicable concession from the authorities. However, there are no practical limitations on foreign investment in and ownership of Norwegian real estate, except for farmland, and some important exceptions within the industry and energy sectors (waterfalls, etc.).11 The most important acts limiting acquisition and ownership of real estate are the Norwegian Concession Act12 and the Act on Acquisition of Waterfalls, Mines and  In accordance with the EEA Agreement, Annex XII, Norway adopted the free movement of capital effective from 1 January 1995, and all previous legal limitations on foreign ownership were cancelled. 12 Norwegian Concession Act of 28 November 2003 No. 98. Norway 4 other real estate.13 In effect, the Norwegian Competition Act will also limit acquisitions of companies in possible violation of Norwegian and EU competition and anti-trust legislation. A concession is generally not necessary for the acquisition of SPVs that have already obtained a concession; direct acquisitions of developed property when the plot of land is no larger than 100,000 square metres; or acquisitions of undeveloped land for the construction of a permanent residence or holiday home on plots of land no larger than 2,000 square metres. The purchaser must, however, obtain a confirmation by the municipality to document the fact that a purchase is concession free. Some concessions are also granted under certain conditions, for example, farmland where the acquirer normally must inhabit and operate the acquired land.

Please us the contactform up to the rigth to get more information on interesting projects.



Real estate may be held directly by domestic or foreign persons; however, real estate investments in Norway are normally made through domestic or foreign companies. The general taxation on income or gains derived from real estate is 23 per cent from 1 January 2018; however, due to special regulations in the current tax regime, most gains will be tax exempt for investors. Current income derived from real estate investments (such as rent) will always be taxed at a rate of 23 per cent on the recipient. Subsequent taxation of the income will depend on the method of distribution up the ownership chain, and normally will be covered by the tax-exempt regime, as described below. Income on interest will always be taxable at a rate of 23 per cent at every level in an investment structure and, due to a new regulation that will restrict deductions for net internal interest within a corporate group as of 1 January 2014, all larger debt-based investments with internal loans or cross securities are recommended to seek advice on the outcome of these rules before implementing the investment structure in Norway.



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